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who we are


My name is Josh Ballard.

Founder and chief of Ballard Audio.

I work with some of the hardest working, full-time podcasters in the world. 

Together, we capture the eyes and ears of millions every month.   

I'm self-taught, self-propelled and vehemently creative.


Aspiring podcasters are lead to believe that it takes a village to produce a podcast. So they pay extortionate amounts for a team of frantic editors, engineers and delegators to do what one professional is capable of doing just as well, if not better.


I agree that finding a reliable freelancer is like finding a needle in a haystack and so that's why I'm here— to poke you in the bum, solve your unique problems and elevate you above the rest. 



podcast mixing

We know that no matter how good the content is, production quality will always matter to the audience.  We're also no stranger to editing hours upon hours of dialogue. So why not let a professional handle the editing, mixing and mastering of your show? That way, you can focus on doing what you do best - creating content! Check out our different production packages and pick the one that suits your needs. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

podcast trailers

Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn, explains the importance of standing out in one of our trailers:

Reid Hoffman

We produce premium trailers for podcasters to help them grow their audience. Our trailers are intended to captivate, enthrall and entice listeners using advanced dialogue editing, evocative music and sound design. Take a listen to some of our work below.

sound design

Immersive sound design has the power to transport your listeners into the stories you tell. From a young Dwayne Wade waiting to play basketball on a court in Chicago, to the formation of sandstone deep below the earth's crust, the aural journey holds no bounds. Don't believe us?

Take a listen!

607 Dwyane Wade Clip
97 Vince Beiser Clip



Jordan Harbinger
Radio Personality, Podcaster

Josh is able to capture the key parts of an hour long interview and create an exciting trailer. The music he adds to it is always spot on. He’s proactive, and gets the job done fast. Highly recommend!


Srini Rao
ceo of unmistakable media


Robin Taylor
Director of Photography

Having Josh work on 'Chomper' was paramount to the film. His understanding of sound design was crucial to making the visuals come to life.  We look forward to working with him again. 

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