podcast production

Podcasts are hitting the mainstream and have become an excellent way to share your message with the world. However, while they're easy to access, producing a great quality show can be a daunting and time-consuming project.


Josh Ballard, owner of Ballard Audio, is an Audio Engineer with a passion for story-telling and music. Having edited 100's of podcast episodes and with countless hours of experience in sound design and music production, he has the ability to comfortably produce top-shelf audio in a manner that inspires confidence and reliability.


Check out the different production packages below. Decide which one suits your needs and place an order! If you can't find what you're looking for, let us know and we'll come up with a custom package just for you.

how it works

step 1.


Creating content is what you do best. Record your episode and save the audio.

step 2.


Upload your episode to our shared Google Drive folder. I'll take things from here.

step 3.


I will then professionally edit and engineer your episode to sound the best that it can.

step 4.


You receive your finished episode, mastered and ready for the airwaves.

Standard podcast production


With the standard package, we will build your episode from start to finish by mixing in your intro and outro bumpers and sponsor message as well as make up to 3 edits of your choice from the provided timestamps. We will also enhance your audio using EQ, dynamic balancing, noise and echo reduction before mastering it to broadcast standards.



premium podcast production


With the premium production package, you get the same great audio engineering as in the standard package, except with the added value of a fully comprehensive premium edit. We will review every second of your episode and remove any long pauses, out-of-place filler words, fumbled sentences or anything that could take away from the listener's experience. The result is a polished gem that keeps the listener engaged throughout.



advanced podcast production

Billed Hourly

If you're looking to create a show that goes the extra mile with music and sound design, like an audio drama, then the advanced podcast production package was made with you in mind. Here, you'll get premium editing, complete audio engineering as well as music and sound design.



production packages